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April 2013


TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE EATING WELL.TEN YEARS AGO I WROTE A RAVE review about the tiny South Indian cafe,Satya ,in Hobson Street(for Cuisine). A decade has passed and I am still enjoying the simple cuisine served up by Swamy and Padmaja Akuthota.A lot has chnaged in that time.Their cafe moved from Hobson Street to K’Road and the Akuthotas have opened a tring of restaurants and cafes in Sandringham,Mt Eden and Great North road, around the corner from Ponsonby Road.And you’re reading it here first that there are plans afoot to open a spice store in Ponsonby later this year. >>Read Details

March 2013

Satya, Mt Eden,New Zealand (by Nici Wickes)

Indian food. Is it too harsh to say that it hardly sets the world on fire these days, such are the number of mediocre choices for this cuisine in our city? Yet it seems like only yesterday that a friend was raving to me about a tiny, informal Indian restaurant he’d discovered in Hobson St that was dazzlingly different with “food so fresh and zingy, with none of the usual overload of creamy gravies”. >>Read Details

March 2008

Cuisine New Zealand (by Laurine Jacobs)

When Swamy and Padmaja Akuthota opened their humble south Indian café in Hobson St, Auckland, it was hard to imagine it would be the forerunner to an empire, albeit a smallish one. The newly opened third Satya, a stone’s throw from the Karangahape Rd site where the original Satya ended up, moves them up another notch.    >>Read Details

December 2007

New Zealand Herald – Best Ethnic Restaurant (by Ewan McDonald)

Um, aren’t they all? Even the French and Italian ones? These ones serve food like Grandma used to bake.
Satya (Indian), Sahaa (North African), Kaimana (Thai), Pastis (French), Ariake and Soto (Japanese), Empress Garden (Chinese).Italian? Niente. Turkish? Hi bir sey.
>>Read Details

November 2007

NZ Herald – Viva’s Gourmet Takeout Awards 2007 – Best Indian

Where to start on the Satya menu? That’s easy: Dahi Puri, please. This delicious entree doesn’t have “must try” next to it on the menu for nothing. It has six pieces, and the mix of yoghurt, boiled potato and chick peas with tamarind chutney and ground spices doesn’t only stimulate the taste buds, it makes you greedy – you won’t want to share. >>Read Details

October 2007

Satya, Ponsonby

Always read the fine print. The fine print was on page 4, or it may have been page 6, of Satya’s menu. “We recommend lassi for hot eaters and to dilute intoxication,” it said. Not that Jude was in need of diluting intoxication; it was the other piece of advice that would come in handy. >>Read Details

September 2006

NZ Herald – Viva’s Gourmet Takeout Awards 2006 – Best Indian

At Viva we like to discover new and exciting places but try as we might we have never found a better Indian takeout than Satya. It won our inaugural awards in 2003 and has featured on our winner’s list ever since. The food is fresh, flavours authentic, the service fast and friendly and the menu (Southern-Indian-inspired which means the dishes are healthier and lighter) is extensive – there are 40 entrees and main dishes. >>Read Details

October 2005

NZ Herald – The Best of Viva Takeout

This took out the supreme award last year. A year on and were still singing its praises. Even more so since its move from the crummy Hobson St place to the flasher >>Read Details

October 2003

NZ Herald – Satya South Indian Café (by Ewan McDonald)

The monsoon was squalling across the city when we arrived at Satya, that time in early evening around this time of year when heavens blacken, gales roar up the ridges where the settlers cleverly drove the main roads and within moments you’re drenched to the skin and wondering how anyone ever thought there could be a water crisis in Auckland.   >>Read Details


Promotional video-Satya

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